elephant mother and child

Elephant Mother Print on Canvas


This 11″ by 14″ unframed print on canvas by Lulu founder Emily Wierenga is a watercolor depiction of a mother elephant and a child. 

*includes FREE shipping in Canada*

Product Description

This print on canvas is more of a “sketch” outlining the paper through the skin of the elephant in order to demonstrate the transparency of life and the bond which defines all of us–love.

What are Canvas Prints made of?
Canvas Prints are printed on genuine artist-grade canvas with pigment-based inks. Our Canvas Prints do not have a top coat.

What is the turn-around time for a Canvas Print?
Canvas Prints take three business days to produce. Please note: Orders placed over the weekend will be considered received on Monday; the day that we receive your order is considered day zero. For example, if you place your order before 5:00 pm Mountain time on a Monday, your order is expected to ship on Thursday.

(Printed by Canvas & Decor in Canada; shipped via UPS Ground within 3 business days of ordering. Please note, FREE shipping in Canada; if shipping to the States, a separate bill will be sent to you for $14.99)

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