Guest Post: Boy Crazy

elizabeth, beautiful prose-sister from boy crazy, speaks on repentance and holy motherhood…

Babel rings out like a warning. A one-word omen, a message in my ears to check myself before I wreck myself.

My pride, determination, my drive, my ferocity and passion – they are my tools for raising my boys and raising hell, for building up my empire stone by stone, struggling, sweating, pulling muscles and bruising bones to build my tower to the sky.

When maybe, I’m in the wrong place or on too weak a foundation or work with materials too flimsy that will crumble in the storm. Maybe my tower leads to a trapdoor that will send me tumbling to depths greater than from where I began. Maybe I haven’t asked.

I just build and build and build, stone atop stone, sure of myself, steady on my path, clear in my mission until I get to the top and I’ve lost my voice, lost myself, lost my way. And I see there is no top, only stone atop stone atop stone.

And so I hang my head and abandon my tower, my tools, my treasure and knees in the dirt I pray — help me listen, teach me how to ask, how to see the path laid out before me so I can stop stacking stones in vain.

My desire to do it myself, my confidence in my own discernment and capabilities will be my downfall.

I forget this is my weakness. I am blind to my trajectory until I hear the whisper, Babel. And then I feel the subtle sway and I gasp –peering down from my precarious perch suddenly aware of the heights and the lightening flashing in the distance.

Making It Home


  1. Beautiful way to interpret Babel and apply its message to our every day lives. Thank you.

  2. It’s amazing how quickly we can shift from abiding to “stacking stones in vain.” I’ve been thinking lately how it happens both ways, when we’re confidently striding, and also when we’re crushed. “The enemy crushes me to the ground, making me dwell in darkness like those long dead.” (Ps. 143:3) And so I turn my back and try to walk alone for a little while, because He has allowed the pain. Yet, even in the frantic stacking of our self-sufficiency, He remains. His imprint on our souls is undiminished. It pulls us back, and back, and back, to abide, again.

  3. ugh. i fall into this far too often…nice…i like the way you interpret this…

  4. this is a great image…i love the sharpness of ‘Babel’ and you think of those words that start and stop with you and are you building, doing, trying…it applies more severely to my marriage:( than kids right now. thankfully I married an amazing Jesus-loving man:):):)

    thanks for sharing in such a real way

  5. Thank you, Emily, for having me here today. And thank the rest of you for your feedback and thoughts.

    My sister clicked over to read and worried something was wrong, and here’s what I told her —

    This is just something I think about reoccurring-ly…that I try to live my life and raise my kids and excel at work and marriage and everything all on my own without ever praying about it or even considering that God may have something else in mind for me other than what I’m pursuing of my own accord.

    At one point months ago I was reading the kids their children’s bible, and the story of Babel really stuck out to me — like, people have always done this. Tried to achieve it all on our own, act like we don’t need God, that we’re strong enough, smart enough, etc to handle it ourselves. But you know, look how that ended up. 😉

    When I asked Emily what she wanted me to write about, she said ‘whatever God puts on your heart’, which was new to me. I never think to ask God or pray about what to write about. So I did, and this is what came up.

    I’m glad to hear that it resonates or makes sense with at least a few of you. Thanks again for sharing your space with me here…


  6. I think most people go along, trying to build their lives, not necessarily with any direction. This is an interesting way of looking at it and a clear reminder to ask for guidance. Thanks.

  7. I think you have summed up such a big struggle of parenting – that self-sufficient forgetting to ask His opinion. You say it so well.

  8. This is REALLY resonating with me today, Elizabeth. I love your writing always — and you hit it out of the park with this one. So happy to see you here…

  9. How is it that one word can render us helpless and complete all at once? Nice post.

    Splendid photos too.

  10. Elizabeth, this was a magnificent post. For years, I’ve been piling my own stones atop of each other, laboring in vain.

    Until this year.

    When I finally, finally decided that doing His work His way in His strength wasn’t necessarily easier but it was so much better.

    I’m always fighting the urge to carry the load, force forward full speed. And I always find myself in the flames of burn out after those times.

    Listening is work, I’ve learned. It’s not easy. But it’s better.

    Loved this, friend. He’s given you such a gift in writing.

  11. Oh my, Elizabeth. This is breathtaking, and I love it.

    Keep asking. Keep listening. And keep writing. I’m so glad to see you over here…

  12. Elizabeth,

    I so get this.
    Your writing always gets me. Always.

  13. Surrender is the hardest thing. And also the most freeing. I visit it sometimes, and then lose it again.

    DANG. IT.

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