Take the Pastor Off the Pedestal

Take the Pastor Off the Pedestal

I still remember the day my pastor admitted to being human. Now, I am a pastor’s kid. I know pastors are human. But I didn’t know they could admit to it from the pulpit. I grew up seeing the pressure the pulpit put on my dad and mum, feeling the pressure it put on us...
Mothers –  Look Up From Your iPhones!

Mothers – Look Up From Your iPhones!

  I didn’t take my laptop on my last trip – a six-day visit to Phoenix – which might not seem like a big deal except I don’t own an iphone. Our only phone is a flip phone with no internet access, and being Canadian, it doesn’t work...

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I am a broken woman who's finding her way home. This blog is where I write about the journey. Welcome, pilgrim.

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